Aircraft Management

Aircraft Management

CSI offers Aircraft Management services for all types of privately owned aircraft. Whether the aircraft owner is a company or an individual, with CSI the owner will be ensured the aircraft is managed to the highest order. CSI can offer flight services, aircraft maintenance oversight, and adherence to aircraft safety requirements. CSI provides aircraft owners superior service with over 35 years of success.

CSI can manage an aircraft under FAR Part 91, for exclusive use by the owner. Alternatively, suitable aircraft may be eligible to be placed on CSI’s FAR Part 135 Operating Certificate. Placing an aircraft on CSI’s 135 Certificate provides opportunity for incremental revenue through owner-approved commercial flight operations; reducing the overall cost of owning an aircraft.

Services can include, but are not limited to:

  • Crew
  • Aviation Maintenance Services
  • Aviation Safety & Security Services
  • Flight Services
  • Permits & Clearances
  • Ground Handling Services
  • Hangar Facilities
  • Logistical Services
  • Scheduling
  • Aircraft Purchase Consulting
  • Accounting Services

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