Pilot Interview: Michael Kearney.

Pilot Interview: Michael Kearney

July 21, 2021

We love our pilots! To celebrate all the hours and hard work they put in to both our medical and charter flights, we want to share a little bit more about who they are beyond their profession.

This week’s pilot spotlight focuses on Michael Kearney!

Michael Kearney has been with CSI Aviation for 8 months now and chose our company because we’re local to Albuquerque. His best flying story was an upset recovery training check-ride, and he wishes people knew that both nature and Air Traffic Control (ATC) treat all players equally. It’s a level playing field up in the air!

Some Quick Fun Facts about Michael:

Favorite word: Excitement

Sound that he loves: Turbocharge flutter

If he had to choose another profession: Meteorology

Least favorite word: Hatred

Sound that he hates: Metal scraping on metal

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