Aircraft Maintenance Technician Spotlight: Bethany Bleichroth.

Aircraft Maintenance Technician Spotlight: Bethany Bleichroth

May 17, 2021

Maintaining our aircraft is integral to having our own fleet in the first place. Being an aircraft maintenance technician is no easy task. We want to celebrate all the training, hard work, and hours our maintenance crew puts in to keeping our planes operational by sharing a little bit more about who they are beyond their profession.

This week’s aircraft technician spotlight focuses on Bethany Bleichroth!

Bethany Bleichroth has been at CSI Aviation for 3 months. She joined our team to move out of her parent’s house in Phoenix and make a change. When asked about her favorite flying experience, Bethany recalls flying in the right seat of a King Air 90 with a previous boss. He assumed control of the aircraft, pushed it over into negative g’s, and startled her the nose low pitch attitude and descent rate.

A job as an aircraft maintenance technician is not as glamourous or mystical as many think, but Bethany wishes people knew that pretty girls can be mechanics!

Some quick fun facts about Bethany:

Favorite word: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Favorite sound: Arrow leaving a bowstring (she’s an experienced archer!)

If she had to choose another profession: Acting

Least favorite word: Moist

Least favorite sound: Nails on a chalkboard (a 21-year-old who knows what a chalkboard is!)


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