Billing: How CSI Protects Patients Medically & Financially.

Billing: How CSI Protects Patients Medically & Financially

April 9, 2021

The air ambulance industry has an unfortunate reputation for balance billing. Balance billing is the amount a medical provider invoices the patient after insurance has processed and paid the claim at a reduced amount. These bills often surprise patients, costing thousands of dollars for transportation by air and ground.

CSI Aviation never engages in balance billing. We protect our patients medically & financially by working directly with the insurance companies to provide an in-network rate.

We maintain this policy by:

  1. Ensuring we are in-network with most major insurance companies whose coverage includes Air Ambulance Transports deemed Medically Necessary by the sending provider.
  2. Assisting the sending and/or receiving facility initiate Medicaid enrollment if the patient does not have insurance coverage.
  3. Providing fair and reasonable out-of-pocket rates for patients without insurance who do not qualify for Medicaid, with the ability to make payment arrangements.
  4. Working with insurance companies we aren’t contracted with to provide an in-network rate that protects the payer & patient from high dollar charges. After developing communication with a new payer, we will discuss a possible contract rate.

It’s important to note:

  • For emergent cases, we will not delay the transport process and will reach out to the insurance company post-flight.
  • Additionally, we never bill a facility post-fight for a patient not covered by health insurance for emergency services.

CSI’s experience working with insurance companies, hospitals and medical case managers enables us to be a resource and valued healthcare industry partner. We always provide insurance verification and pre-authorizations and continue to operate as an in-network provider supporting numerous health insurance plans. CSI’s professional oversight on every aspect of its medical flight operations makes it an industry preferred medical flight transport provider.

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