Medic Interview: Gwen Sorrell.

Medic Interview: Gwen Sorrell

February 8, 2021

We love our medical staff! To celebrate our flight nurses and medics and all the amazing work they do; we’re sitting them down for a question-and-answer session. For this week’s medic Q&A, meet Gwen Sorrell!

CSI Aviation: Why did you become a flight nurse, and how is it different from working on the ground in a hospital?

Gwen Sorrell: I wanted to be a flight nurse because it is the one profession that allows me to do two things I enjoy: flying and nursing. Some of the differences between caring for patients in the air and in a hospital setting are space, resources, and manpower. When caring for patients in the hospital setting, you are usually in a patient’s room or open floor [ and have] specialized equipment for emergent procedures, a team of nurses, and ancillary departments. Caring for a patient in the air…there is limited workspace, limited resources, and it’s just you and your partner.

CSI: What have you gained from working at CSI?

GS: The knowledge and skills that I have gained from working at CSI have been instrumental in my continued growth as a nurse. I am fortunate to be afforded the opportunity to learn from and work with some amazing individuals.

CSI: What do you find most rewarding and/or most challenging in your role as a flight medic?

GS: I think one of the most rewarding aspects of being a flight nurse is knowing that you and your team play an integral role in a patient’s continued care and healing.

CSI: What is your favorite medical flight or career story?

GS: There so many stories I could share. One of the most memorable was the day I realized that I belonged in the ER. I had been a nurse for 3 months and was floated to the ER. It had been a slow day and I remember looking at the clock thinking only four more hours to go when EMS calls in 3 back-to-back “CPR in progress” patients. From that day on I volunteered to float to the ER and later requested to transfer to the ER.

CSI: What do you wish people knew about your job?

GS: Teamwork and communication are paramount.

CSI: Are there any fun facts you want to share?

GS: I am a long-distance runner and enjoy running Ragnar races which are 200mile 6-to-12 person team relay races.

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