Pilot Interview: Kyle White.

Pilot Interview: Kyle White

October 28, 2020

We love our pilots! To celebrate all the hours and hard work they put in to both our medical and charter flights, we’re sitting them down for a question-and-answer session. For this Pilot Q&A, meet Kyle White!

CSI Aviation: Why did you choose to fly for CSI, and how long have you been with us?

Kyle White: I chose to fly for CSI because of the support for veterans, well maintained aircraft, and employees who are great to work with. I’ve been with CSI for 17 months.

CSI: What’s your favorite thing or story to tell about your flying experience?

KW: Being able to transport critical patients in a timely matter to the care they need. A couple of months ago, we took a 9-year-old to Nebraska at night. We let him walk up to the front to look through the front windows of the cockpit and see the full moon rise. You can tell in that moment, everything he was going through was forgotten—for just that brief moment.

CSI: What do you wish people knew about your job?

KW: People always confuse use with rotorcraft [helicopters] and think we always take patients that were in car accidents. We really transport everyone, anywhere, that needs to go to a specialty hospital–most of which rotorcraft can’t do because of the long distance in between.

CSI: What’s your favorite type of aircraft?

KW: I don’t really have a favorite. Anything I can fly would probably be my favorite.

CSI: Out of all of CSI’s airplanes, which is your favorite to fly?

KW: The King Air 200 would be my favorite. The seats, leg room, satellite radio—it’s built for comfort in my opinion.

CSI: Any fun facts or about yourself you want to share?

KW: I actually started out flying rotorcraft, initially, but would rather fly faster and high so I switched to fixed wing.

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