Pilot Interview: Walter Lacy.

Pilot Interview: Walter Lacy

August 20, 2020

We love our pilots! To celebrate all the hours and hard work they put in to both our medical and charter flights, we’re sitting them down for a question-and-answer session. For this week’s pilot Q&A, meet Walter Lacy!

CSI Aviation: Why did you choose to fly for CSI and how long have you been with us?

Walter Lacy: I’ve been here since May 2020—just a handful of months. I had a good friend who formally flew for this company and recommended me. It was knowing the right people at the right time, and the opening presented itself and I accepted the offer.

CSI: What’s your favorite story to tell about your flying experience?

WL: I like to go over the high points of all the different jobs I’ve had. I’m not the kind of guy who likes to brag about emergencies and bad weather. Every pilot has those stories, but I like to cover the brass tacks of the jobs I’ve had previously. But also, I’m always looking forward to the next flight, seeing what that has in store.

CSI: What do you wish people knew about being a pilot?

WL: The time commitment involved. Not necessarily the financial commitment because, [while] it’s still profound, it’s the time and the dedication required to obtain the knowledge to be a good pilot, retain the knowledge, and stay proficient. A lot of guys, they look at the finished product and they don’t take into account what it took that person to get to that finished product. It’s considerable. A lot of people forget about that.

CSI: I knew people in college who wanted to be pilots, only one person actually did it.

WL: Once you get out there, [the time commitment is] more of a lifestyle than anything. Just accepting that lifestyle is part of that process.

CSI: What’s your favorite type of aircraft?

WL: This is a real corny answer, but whichever one I’m flying at the time. King Airs are good. I’ve flown Learjets—those are good…they’re all my favorites.

CSI: Do you have a favorite at CSI, or does it just depend on which one you’re thrown into?

WL: 505.

CSI: Any fun facts you want to share about yourself?

WL: I like unsweet tea.

All pictures provided by Walter Lacy

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