What is a Medically Configured Airplane?.

What is a Medically Configured Airplane?

November 30, 2020

A medically configured airplane has the necessary equipment, medications, and staff to qualify as a mobile ICU. Our fixed-wing air ambulances are designed for stable, non-emergency transport over long distances. These are medical patients who cannot travel long distances via ground transportation or on a commercial airline. Patients are typically stable and qualify as “non-emergent” but in need of transport.

CSI Aviation operates a fleet of King Airs that have been converted into mobile ICUs. Our King Airs offer an enduring safety record, comfort, speed, and reliability. Each plane’s onboard medical equipment includes:

  • One stretcher, but we can bring up to two stretchers in the B-350
    • Our Spectrum Patient Loading/Securing System stretcher is specially designed to be turned through the airplane door. Monitoring equipment is attached to the tray above the patient’s feet.

  • Hamilton-T1 Transport Ventilator
    • Provides adult, pediatric, and neonatal ventilation.
    • Compact and completely operational independent of compressed air, making it ideal for transporting patients across long distances.
    • Includes Adaptive Support Ventilation® (ASV®) to continuously adjust respiratory rate, tidal volume, and inspiratory time depending on patient’s condition.
    • Noninvasive ventilation (NIV) mode for functionality as a demand flow system.
    • Can provide high-flow oxygen therapy.
    • Oxygen adjustable from 21% to 100%.
    • Volumetric capnography for assessing ventilation quality and metabolic activity.
    • Simplified patient monitoring and assessment features.
    • Proximal flow sensor measures pressure, volume, and flow at the patient’s airway opening.
  • Zoll X Series ECG Monitor and Defibrillator
    • Designed for use with neonatal, pediatric, and adult patients.
    • Real CPR Help® technology triples odds a patient surviving cardiac arrest.
    • Reduces time-to-balloon.
    • Simplifies transmission and charting.
    • The Cardiac Monitor also provides live CPR quality feedback.
  • King Vision® Video Laryngoscope
    • Durable, smudge-proof, and robust design.
    • Lightweight, battery-operated, and protective packaging for ideal portability.
    • Disposable blades for sanitary and economical intubations.
  • Medication
    • In-flight nurse carries a backpack on their person with a selection of medications to adequately provide pain relief and sedation.
    • We also carry medications to treat nausea, dysrhythmias, allergic reactions, acute psychotic episodes, anxiety, blood transfusion reactions, blood pressure issues, pre-eclampsia, narcotic drug overdose, premature labor, respiratory emergencies, hypoglycemia, and more.
  • Post-Flight Cleaning with AeroClave RDS 3110 allows for hands-free decontamination of the plane’s interior with the push of a button.

[Medically Configured King Air]

Each medical flight includes a critical care nurse, paramedic and two pilots.

  • Our nurses and paramedics are cross trained to the same level, expanding their skills and scope of practice.
  • Our pilots have over 2500 fixed-wing flight hours and either military, commercial or MEDEVAC experience.
  • CSI Aviation is NAAMTA certified and can be off the ground within 30 minutes of a call.
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