About CSI Aviation

Established in 1979, CSI Aviation, Inc. (CSI) is a seasoned, global air transportation and aviation logistics company. CSI is an FAA Part 135 Air Carrier and DOD Commercial Airlift Review Board (CARB) certified company holding FAR Part 135 worldwide operating authority and an aviation services company specializing in complex aviation operations, where the company’s knowledge, experience and dedicated customer service provides turn-key solutions. CSI’s diverse experience gives it a distinct advantage when planning aviation operations around the world. The company provides air transportation for both passengers and cargo, and provides airborne ISR, manages aviation programs, arranges aircraft purchases, and provides aircraft maintenance and training services. The company owns the subsidiary business that manufactures the state-of-the-art Seeker light surveillance aircraft which is designed for various ISR missions.

The company’s pilots have thousands of hours in military, government and commercial fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft, and experience operating worldwide.

CSI has decades of experience managing aviation programs, many with complex variables and operating conditions such as using multiple bases, mixed fleets, international clearances, military airlift support, and medical flight services. The company buys aircraft for its own use, or its customers, and is fully capable of providing training programs for new aircraft and associated maintenance programs.

The company also provides comprehensive aviation logistic support services including: maintenance support, ground support, fuel uplift, physical site security, passenger and aircraft security, and medical flight support. CSI’s capabilities allow it to project aviation operations to remote and austere locations around the world.

CSI is also a highly experienced US Government Contractor, providing products and services to dozens of federal entities for over two decades. The company is a GSA Federal Supply Schedule Contractor (GS-33F-0025V) for Air Charter and Aircraft Leasing, aircraft manufacturing, as well as other NAICS codes. It holds multiple Government Contracts supporting federal and state government aviation programs.

CSI owns Seeker Aircraft, Inc. (SA) and its wholly owned subsidiary Seabird Aviation Australia Pty, Ltd., which is the original equipment manufacturer for the SB7L-360 series “Seeker” aircraft, a specially designed light observation aircraft.