Air Transportation

Air Transportation

CSI delivers a broad set of air transportation services for passengers, cargo, emergency response, air ambulance and armed escort missions. CSI will support all types of flight missions, but is particularly adept at handling complex situations. CSI will provide reliable cost-effective options for any air charter transportation requirement.

CSI has global access to aircraft of all sizes to include commercial airliners, jets, turboprops, air ambulance, and cargo aircraft. CSI can accommodate groups and cargo of every size within hours of a request. CSI services the unique needs of every customer and coordinates every detail including scheduling, security and ground handling.

CSI offers comprehensive air cargo charter services for the transportation of valuable and time-sensitive cargo, including HAZMAT cargo. Signature door-to-door service includes loading, unloading and ground transportation to and from the airport. In addition, CSI can assist with export and import requirements.

CSI’s global resources and proven experience in the air transportation industry include providing seamless emergency response solutions for passengers and cargo transport situations. Whether the need is evacuating personnel safely and quickly from areas experiencing conflict, delivering critical supplies in response to natural disasters, or airlift for a hostage crisis, CSI has access to aircraft worldwide for critical situations.

CSI Air Ambulance services combines air charter with the reliability needed for medical transportation whether it requires a standard configured aircraft with a certified medical flight nurse or a fully equipped air ambulance. To ensure a seamless transfer of care, CSI coordinates with attending physicians and hospitals in both the departure and arrival locations.

CSI also provides comprehensive, reliable in-flight and ground security services for passengers and cargo charter flights. CSI is experienced working with both private and government agencies and maintains contractual agreements with several security companies worldwide.