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The company’s air cargo service encompasses all types of cargo including large loads, transportation of time-sensitive shipments and HAZMAT cargo. Door-to-door service includes loading, unloading and ground transportation to and from the airfield. In addition, CSI can assist with export and import requirements.

CSI’s cargo capabilities service various industries where the shipment of a part or component is urgent. In addition, cargo aircraft are frequently required for emergency medical equipment and hazardous materials (HAZMAT).

When arranging international cargo movements, CSI can assist with export and import requirements. The company will work with the customer’s customs broker throughout the process to ensure that delays are avoided with the cargo shipment.

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CSI Aviation, Inc. is a FAR Part 135 Air Carrier (Certificate# GRTA447E). Charter Flights will be operated by CSI or other FAR Part 135 and 121 Certified Air Carriers providing air charter services arranged by CSI that meet FAA and CSI standards.
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