Aircraft Maintenance

Aircraft Maintenance

CSI can manage scheduled and unscheduled maintenance support and services for various aircraft. Services can include major inspections and heavy airframe maintenance, supply support, onsite support staff and administrative support. Maintenance will be performed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance program or a program approved by the FAA for all aircraft. Further, aircraft will be maintained under the provisions of FAR Part 43, 91, 121 and/or 135 maintenance standards with compliance to the manufacturer’s Service Bulletins (SBs) and Airworthiness Directives (ADs). When necessary, CSI can provide replacement aircraft while your aircraft is undergoing maintenance.

CSI can arrange the following services:

Line Maintenance

  • Aircraft cleaning
  • GSE maintenance
  • Pre and Post flight checks 1st
  • Licensed A&P mechanics and factory certified technicians
  • Inspections and clearance of inbound discrepancies

Heavy Maintenance

  • On-site support at 145 Repair Station Facilities
  • Inventory and parts supply control
  • Design and Modification Capabilities (DER and STC Services)