Private Charter Flights.

Private Charter Flights

CSI Aviation is a unique, global private charter flight company providing comprehensive aviation management programs and air charter services to corporations, government agencies, athletic teams and individuals. As a top private charter flight company CSI Aviation specializes in providing luxury private charter flights that are unrivaled in the industry. CSI brings integrity and reliability to every mission.

Our private charter flight company is a worldwide leader in aviation services that provides passenger and cargo air transportation, aviation logistics and program management, mission specific aircraft and support for private charter flights. A global network of qualified and carefully screened partners enables our private charter flight company to provide comprehensive aviation services on a moment’s notice anywhere in the world.

Private Charter Flight Services:

  • Aviation Management
  • Air Transportation
  • Aviation Logistics
  • Fuel Management
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Staging & Security
  • Mission Specific Aircraft
  • Ground Support

Private Charter Flights and Mission Specific Aircraft

Private charter flights for government agencies and corporate business executives frequently require a certain type of charter aircraft for a specific task or mission. CSI will provide charter aircraft, ranging from helicopters, turboprops, executive jets, to static or airborne aircraft for training purposes, to surveillance aircraft, among others.

More About Our Private Charter Flights

In addition to providing private charter flights to sports teams, corporations, government agencies, commercial groups and private individuals, we also offer private charter flight services, aviation logistics, and private charter flight management programs. CSI Aviation fills a unique niche in the private charter flight industry – solving complex private air charter service requirements. Regardless of the scope of work, complexity of the schedule or situation, CSI Aviation is a leading private charter flight company that delivers exceptional results.

CSI Aviation arranges commercial private charter flight services using a wide variety of certified air carriers as agents for our customers. As a private charter flight company, rather than only an operator of a specific aircraft type, CSI is not limited to just one type of private charter flight services. CSI aviation also provides private charter flight leasing and maintenance support. Our private charter flight company has extraordinary flexibility and no geographic restrictions with either private charter flight logistical support or private charter flight program management.

Since 1983, CSI’s Military Services has provided airlines with experienced representation to the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) to support the military airlift requirements. As the assigned agent for several U.S. airlines, CSI represents these air carriers to the DOD through the U.S. Transportation Command (TRANSCOM). This entails handling Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF) issues and coordinating domestic and international military charter flight requirements.

Since 1990, CSI has held numerous federal Government Contracts including private charter flights, aircraft lease, aircraft purchase and aircraft support services including maintenance, standby aircraft and aircraft management. Our private charter flight company has many charter flight service contracts in place with numerous government agencies at any given time.

Since 2004, CSI has held a GSA Schedule for private charter flight services and Aircraft Leasing. The GSA schedule of our private charter flights offers the government the ability to use a convenient contracting tool for a full range of private charter flight services using certified air carriers.

Since 2009, CSI has provided Fuel and Ground Services based on years of experience supporting private charter flights and is a worldwide reseller of jet aviation fuel.

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CSI Aviation, Inc. is a FAR Part 135 Air Carrier (Certificate# GRTA447E). Charter Flights will be operated by CSI or other FAR Part 135 and 121 Certified Air Carriers providing air charter services arranged by CSI that meet FAA and CSI standards.
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